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Sprint Smart Unified Communications

- Give Your Staff The Flexibility To Work From Anywhere -

Sprint® Smart UC Unified communications
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- Enabling Business Teams To Meet Their Objectives -

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Trusted Sprint Partner For Over 25 Years

What Is Sprint Smart UC?

Sprint Smart UC is an easy-to-use unified communications suite that helps you work the way you want, where you want. Sprint Smart UC integrates HD audio and video, messaging, screen sharing, file sharing and conferencing on PCs, browsers, tablets and mobile phones

MWCC is pleased to be Sprint's top wireline partner!

Sprint Smart UC Key Features

- Enabling Business Teams To Meet Their Objectives -

With user-friendly features delivered from the cloud, your employees stay connected to the people and content that accelerate your business and build revenue.

Cloud Based

Cloud Based


Cloud PBX 

Using Sprint Smart UC as your cloud PBX gives you predictable costs and scalable capabilities that free you to focus on your core competencies. Feel confident that your phone system can grow with your business, regardless of geography, distribution and demographics. 

Simply Conferencing 

Simplify conferencing and collaboration by giving each user a dedicated, always available virtual meeting room. My Room eliminates the need to reserve a conference bridge or deal with cumbersome bridge numbers and Dasscodes. Connect with anyone inside or outside the business, using a browser-based client. 


Desktop Sharing and Collaboration 

Sprint Smart UC apps make it simple to share documents, presentations, spreadsheets, web pages and other content. Intuitive tools quickly invite employees, customers, partners and suppliers to connect from any device.  Get everyone working off th esame material and lower the risk of errors.


 Key Benefits:  

  • Offers an open platform, with the broadest range of unified communications services, which integrates with market-leading business productivity applications

  • Optimizes the user experience by combining all communication services into a single, intuitive interface, accessible across a variety of devices

  • Scales to meet the needs of any size business-micro, SMB, mid-market or large enterprise

  • Improves personal productivity and business efficiency

Instant Messaging and Presence (IM&P)

With embedded IM&P, employee availability can be checked before a call is dialed. Status is automatically updated during Dhone calls (even mobile calls), to minimize interruDtions. Flexible IM capabilities carry forward into My Room grouD calls. letting conference particiDants send and receive messages. Multi-Darty chat allows teams to share links, answer questions, and engage in sidebar conversations without interruDting the meeting.

HD Voice and Video 

Brilliant HD voice and video are the cornerstone of Sprint Smart UC. Wideband

audio codecs capture every verbal nuance, while HD video relays crisp visual details. Experience the same superior quality when connecting one-on-one, or with large groups.

SIP Trunking

Experience flexibility and control with SIP trunking support, If you have multiple sites, you can choose a phased migration strategy. You can link your existing PBXs with Sprint Smart UC users for a uniform corporate dialing plan. AdoDt the same approach when you add a new branch office to achieve seamless interoperability with your existing PBX- based network.

Contextual Intelligence

To make life easier, Sprint Smart UC incorporates cutting-edge apps that apDear to think for themselves. Powered by contextual intelligence, Smart Hub determines who employees are communicating with and retrieves a list of contextually relevant documents—placing information directly at their fingertips.

One Number

Worry less about missing calls. Persona management lets employees control their availability and lets them decide whether to display their personal or business number, when making phone calls.

Cloud-Based Smart UC Benefits

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Maximize your revenue by including these products as part of your Smart UC platform:

Enhance customer experience, retention, and purchasing while generating revenue utililyzing built-in analytics software.

Turn a cost burden into a revenue generating platform.

Converts missed calls and voicemails into text conversations by automatically texting back customers, re-engaging missed customers before they move on and call a competitor instead...

Sprint Smart UC provides a quick cost-effective UC deployment with the ease of scaling up or down as your business needs evolve. You get efficient management of services across individuals and groups and can seamlessly connect your mobile employees  supporting a “work anywhere” environment.

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