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Why Telco Agents, Partners, and
IT Consultants are Turning to Sprint Smart Communications

Clients want UC solutions from a provider because they want scalibility, security, and reliability.  Sprint delivers on all these expectations with Telco grade reliability.

Sprint has differentiated itself by building upon the Broadsoft Cloud platform to address items like Mobility First.  This feature allows clients on smart phones and tablets to completely distribute a mobile workforce and have that link seemlessly with their brick and mortar facilities.

Why Work With MWCC?

  • MWCC is a one-stop-shop with 25 years of experience working with Sprint on IT Network/Telecom solutions

  • Sprint now has the superior Smart Communications Solutions

  • MWCC provides important resources such as data gathering, pricing, and implementation

  • MWCC will put together the Sprint proposal

  • The MWCC S.A.V.E. Methodology (shown below)



We conduct the initial meeting, discovery, and data gathering of information required to begin working on a specific project.


Study and provide assessment of the surveyed information for recommendation to the company.


Provide approval and execution of recommendatations.


Complete implementation through project management for successful results.


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