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Business WiFi From Sprint

Is Your WiFi Generating Revenue?

Sprint Business WiFi
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In 2019, customers expect businesses to have guest WiFi and they often want a premium WiFi Option.  Learn here about how to turn this cost burden into a revenue generating platform.  Sprint's Business WiFi is carrier-agnostic and cloud-based.  Why not create an ROI using something your business already has or needs anyway?

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Trusted Sprint Partner For Over 25 Years

Sprint Business WiFi

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Performs well in conditions where others fail:

•High device density

  • High loss

  • High interference 

  • Dynamic antenna adaptation

  • Better Transmission and Reception


Great WiFi Performance

RF Technology Experts

  • On-site RF survey/installation

  • Repair/Replacement

Project Management

  • End-to-End project oversight

  • Communication

  • Coordination

  • Post-install follow up

Sprint Managed Services

  • Solution planning and design

  • Solution delivery

  • Monitor and manage

  • Fault management

  • Performance management

Professional Services
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Monetization happens through the creation of paid tiers and free tiers, advertisements, as well as in-depth data analytics.

Revenue Generation From Business Wi-Fi

Paid Tiers, Free Tiers, and Advertising

Sprint Business WiFi comes pre-loaded with market leading cloud-based software which supports the creation of bandwidth tiers, advertising, and in-depth analytics.  The platform is controlled using a user-friendly dashboard (no programming knowledge required).  Assign a free Guest WiFi bandwidth level high enough for email but lower than required for NetFlix streaming.  This will establish the bandwidth level threshold for the premium tier.


You can easily set sessions and put rate limits on download speeds to encourage people to pay for the premium tier.  It's very simple to set up and the software is always up-to-date in the cloud.  Mobile interfacing comes equipped along with the ability to log in through social media, security text verification, and PayPal payment processing.  If they do not have PayPal, a link is provided to create a free account.   


Captive Portal With Social Login

Show EULA (end user license agreement) as well as have users login with their social login.  View all user demographics analytics on the cloud dashboard.

Content Insertion

Engage users beyond Captive Portal by inserting any kind of content during the users' browsing session.

User Management

Control bandwidth and user session.  Manage user session timeout as well as have bandwidth control per user enabled with this feature.


Deep User Analytics

Collect all user analytics and provide info through dashboard.  Know your customers better and better target them.

Cloud Management of All Features

Access all features through cloud dashboard.  Manage all locations and configuration and see analytics from a single login.

Maximize Business WiFi Revenue As A Part Of

Sprint Smart UC [Video Below]