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Do you ever find yourself playing phone tag with a customer, forgetting to check voicemail, or placing customers on hold?

Converts missed calls and voicemails into text conversations by automatically texting back customers, re-engaging missed customers before they move on and call a competitor instead...
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Smart Messaging Features

What is Smart Messaging?

Sprint Smart Messaging is a cloud-hosted business communication service that helps businesses increase selling opportunities by converting missed calls and voicemails into text conversations.  Smart Messaging does this by automatically texting back customers on behalf of the business.


Smart Messaging Features

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Smart Messaging is ideal for any business, but especially small-medium 

businesses or chains with a local presence.  It works with any new or existing business phone line.  If a customer has an existing phone line there is no need to switch to Sprint as Smart Messaging is carrier-agnostic.  If the business has no existing phone line they will be given a new number.  Smart Messaging supports both mobile and fixed lines. 

Problems Solved

  1. Calls interrupt employees’ focus on in-store tasks or customers

  2. Missed calls, sending customers to voicemail, or putting customers on hold during busy, peak or off hours

  3. Hiring additional employees just to answer phones

  4. Lack of responsiveness and bad customer experience

  5. Using personal mobile numbers to communicate with customers

  6. Attracting new customers or exploring new communication channels

Customer Benefits

Call Rescue

Saves customers whose calls businesses miss (62% of the time!).  By automatically texting the caller back, businesses serve customers even when they can’t grab the phone at that moment

No Lost Sales

Makes businesses more responsive to calls (and missed calls)

Nothing Required

No need to download any apps, jump through any hoops, or learn anything new

Send & Receive Texts

Which is fast becoming customers’ preferred way to interact with businesses

Automated Order Taking At Restaurants

Using Eatmoji, customers can place an order, pay for it, and have their order ticket printed in the kitchen, all without tying up the phone line or an employee’s time

Maximize Efficiency & Generate Revenue With Smart UC


Sprint Smart UC is an easy-to-use unified communications suite that helps you work the way you want and where you want – making integrated HD audio and video, messaging, screen sharing, file sharing and conferencing available on PCs, browsers, tablets and mobile phones.


Sprint Smart UC provides a quick cost-effective UC deployment with the ease of scaling up or down as your business needs evolve. You get efficient management of services across individuals and groups and can seamlessly connect your mobile employees supporting a “work anywhere” environment.


Sprint Smart UC offers everything from an affordable traditional hosted PBX model to a full-blown UC suite solution. All priced on a per month per user basis providing predictable operating expenses (OPEX vs. CAPEX).

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